Gentle Yogis Newsletter Archive

January 2022 – Tapas: Dedication to Practice

December 2021 – Santosha: Contentment through Awareness

November 2021 – Notes on Purification (Saucha, the First Niyama)

October 2021 – Aparigraha, Releasing My Grip

September 2021 – What do I need? How Much is Enough? Brahamacharya/Moderation

August 2021 – Asteya, What Do You Have to Teach Me?

July 2021 – Exploring Satya, Truthfulness” and “An Unexpected Revelation: Chair Yoga is Not What You Think

June 2021 – Ahimsa, the Practice of Non-Harming and Why Do the Same Practice Every Day

May 2021 – Boost Your Mental Health with Our Daily Yoga Class