You do not need to sign up in advance.  If you do sign up an hour or more before a class begins, then you will receive an email 45 minutes before the class begins with a reminder and the link to enter class. You can also enter class on the website from the schedule.

Yes. You can sign up and join the class any time while the class is in session.

If you will be unable to attend for 2 weeks or more and you let us know at least a week in advance, your membership can be put on hold and set to restart on the date of your choosing.

The Breath Practice and Community time are live streamed to a Facebook group that is available for you to join if you have a monthly recurring membership. 

When you subscribe to the Breath Practice Membership or the Gentle Yoga Membership, you will receive a confirmation email with information about joining this group which is called Gentle Yogis Breath Practice.   

It is not practical to manually add and remove people from the group for single class participation. Joyce will manually be approving people into the new group who have a monthly membership and removing names of anyone who cancels a monthly membership at the end of the membership. We considered not using Facebook anymore because there isn’t any way to automate this process, however, we have some dedicated members who strongly prefer Facebook and it serves as a back-up for some people if internet signals are weak for Zoom.

This is a technological issue. Having other teachers stream to a Facebook group that is under our ownership is complicated and not feasible. If you are a member of the Gentle Yogis Breath Practice Facebook group, we will give you as much advance notice as possible through an announcement of the dates when the practice will not be streamed to the group so you can plan to sign in through our website and participate via Zoom. 

Yes.  The Gentle Yogis Community Facebook group is great for interaction and for sharing photos, poems, artwork, announcements, events, etc. This group was set up in 2020 and is open to anyone.  Your email address is the only thing you need to provide in order to join. 

If you are contributing to the Shared Abundance Fund, then yes, you may send us a check or use Venmo.  In order to get a membership or purchase a class pass, you will need to use the Arketa (formerly Sutra) registration platform which requires a credit card. We have appreciated checks and Venmo very much to save us on credit card fees, however, using Arketa for your memberships and class passes will simplify our bookkeeping going forward. If you never use a credit card for online purchases, you may email joyce@gentle-yogis.com and arrange to send a check and we can still set up your membership or class pass for you.

Accounts set up on our website prior to September 1, will only be used for access to commenting on blog posts and for purchases in our shop and. To sign up for classes on our website you will set up an account on the registration platform known as Arketa (formerly Sutra).

If you are going to be unable to join the practice for 2 weeks or more, you can contact joyce@gentle-yogis.com with the dates that you want your membership to be paused.  When your membership is restarted, that will be the new date for your monthly payment. 

You can tell your friends/family who are new to our classes that they can sign up for a week of yoga classes for FREE. We hope this will give new people time to determine if what he offer is a good fit for them. You can also purchase a gift certificate to give.  Just contact us at this link to inquire or email joyce@gentle-yogis.com