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Shake Your Soul®

Mindful Soulful Dance

30 min. class, starting in June!
Tuesdays 5:00-5:30pm

additional days times TBA

Embody Your Fluid Nature

If you can walk, you can do this class. All movements are done standing. You can vary the amount of vigor to suit your individual needs. 

Shake Your Soul® is a mindful and soulful dance experience set to a variety of music genres. In this experience, you can strengthen the mind-body connection as you move with and feel into a sense of grace, presence, joy, sensuality, fluid strength, and freedom. 

Shake Your Soul, created by Dan Leven,  incorporates a dynamic range of movements that open you to your fluid nature. Our bodies are over 60% fluid, and this fluid — whether it’s joint fluid, the fluid between the cells, the fluid of your blood, or the cerebral-spinal fluid — each have qualitatively different ways of moving within us that we can move outward into space. 

Dancing in concert with our fluid and spiritual natures makes Shake Your Soul a truly unique movement and wellness experience. As we move out into space expressing the ways that our fluids are moving within us – we can access new ways of moving that help us to get unstuck and feel more free, uninhibited and alive.

Shake Your Soul is appropriate for all levels of movement/dance experience and fitness. This class takes place on Zoom so you can practice in the privacy of your own home while still connecting into a group. You always have the option to keep your camera off. Due to music copyrighting, these classes will not be recorded.

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