Get Grounded and Relaxed

The Power of Regular Practice

For all levels, beginners welcome.

This class is lead in a Gentle Yoga style that makes yoga do-able for beginners — or anyone who wants the deeper benefits of yoga — without any requirements of balance, strength or flexibility.  

The class is primarily seated movements but occasionally some supported standing movements are included.

Students experience the benefits of yoga without the strain of getting down and up from the floor.  The sequence of movements lubricates the joints and releases tension of the shoulders, hips, spine and legs. Breathing muscles are awakened, lung capacity increased, and the tight muscles in the back body, including the backs of the legs (hamstring and calf muscles) are loosened.

This style of gentle stretching helps release energy blocks in the body. The entire organism is rebalanced and rejuvenated through the stimulation of circulation —  and through delicious, deep relaxation.

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Daily 8:00-8:40am Eastern

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You have no idea how much I appreciate you being there with your gentle chair yoga and more. I marked my calendar as ad aeternum (forever) and this practice has become the highlight of my Tuesdays and beyond.

I am always amazed when something that looks insignificant, like chair yoga and working the shoulders, has remarkable therapeutic effect. Thanks to “the executive producer” (Joyce) and the vintage, legacy Kripalu yoga teacher (Rudy)!