For all levels- all you need is a comfortable place to lie down- a couch, recliner or bed where you can access your device to log into class

An ancient practice often referred to as deep yogic sleep, yoga nidra* has been around for millenia. This deeply restful practice brings us to where the nervous system can rebalance, recuperation and healing can occur, and complete and fulfilling rest can settle into all aspects of our physical, mental and emotional being. In the practice of yoga nidra, there are no movements, no postures and no pranayama, simply deep rest in the presence of gentle guidance. Other than securing a quiet comfortable place like a couch or a bed on which to rest, the practitioner needs to do nothing but relax and be guided into what practitioners report to be a deep, rejuvenating and meaningful experience.  

The hour will be hosted by Brian Henderson and the nidra itself will last for 40 minutes, with time to orient at the beginning of the hour, and time to integrate at the end.  If you are new to yoga nidra, this is an excellent opportunity to broaden your yoga practice; if you have enjoyed nidra in the past, this is a great time to revisit the practice in the company of a loving sangha.

*nidra is pronounced “nih-drah”, with a short i, as in kitten.  

"Brian’s guiding is at a level that I have not had for a while. He is so gentle, so clear, so present."

"Brian has the most soothing voice and surrounds you with comfort, safety and calm. His Yoga Nidra class was absolutely what I needed to rest, restore and I even gently fell asleep for a few delicious moments. Thank you."

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