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The MELT Method®

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Mondays 6:30-7:30pm EST Live on Zoom
Wednesdays 5:00-6:00pm EST Live on Zoom

Joyce Schroeder Peirce, Advanced MELT Instructor

Weekly MELT email goes out Sunday mornings with info about the upcoming week’s classes and occasional announcements about schedule changes or other options to learn MELT.

MELT is an easy-to-learn method for treating your body and calming your nervous system. It offers improved alignment and an increased sense of well-being — felt in the very first class. For many, MELT has been a key factor in reducing or even eliminating chronic pain.

The MELT approach to self-care has been found to help practitioners:
  • Fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly
  • Have more energy during the day
  • Improve posture
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Improve balance and mind-body communication
  • Prevent or reduce or even eliminate chronic pain


MELT also improves flexibility, as it restores the elastic qualities of the connective tissue (also known as fascia) that surrounds and invests all muscle tissue, and provides support for the joints.

The MELT Method was created by Sue Hitzmann, drawing on cutting-edge, neurofascial science and proven manual therapy practices. This groundbreaking self-treatment program utilizes Hands-off Bodywork techniques to support the health, fitness, and quality of life of any person, at any age or activity level.

Through a series of easy, precise techniques—using simple, specialized equipment like soft body rollers* and small balls—this groundbreaking program quickly rehydrates connective tissue, making it more supportive, allowing the body to release long-held tension caused by daily living that contributes to chronic pain symptoms.

MELT also helps decrease accumulated stress in the nervous system improving overall wellness. It’s like getting all the benefits of a great massage, but you can treat yourself in your own home and it takes only minutes a day.

*The MELT soft body roller is very different from a firm roller. In MELT, the objective is to reduce and eliminate pain, yet the practice of MELT is not painful when practiced with the right equipment. 

About weekly MELT Classes:

  • Classes are paced so that those who are new can learn, but those with experience will be satisfied by a full class experience. 
  • Classes are not a series– you can drop in as you are available.
  • If you attend regularly, even just once a week, you will eventually experience the whole foundational curriculum and be able to practice confidently on your own. 
  • Practicing what you learn in class for at least 10 minutes 3 times a week will allow you to accumulate the benefits of increased hydration for mobility and stability.

Joyce presents MELT in a way that is easily understood and she is just a delightful, caring person and teacher. I absolutely recommend her as an instructor!!

Michele Bauer, Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Love MELT and Joyce's wonderful uplifting teaching style!

Susie Brubaker, Tarrytown, NY

I really like the regular MELT practices. I have a lot of new awareness about my posture. I have struggled with my posture and being uncomfortable in my body... but I never knew what I should be doing or how to make it better … MELT has helped me to be able to feel where I want to be. I'm noticing that I get closer to ideal alignment ... I am able to sit more comfortably for the daily breathing practices.

Mary Koster, Frederick, Maryland