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Join us any day or every day:
Mon.-Sat. 8:00-8:35am Eastern
Sunday 8:00-8:45am
Community Time after the practice until 9:15am on days that Rudy teaches

Change Your Life

The Power of Regular Practice

This energizing and calming practice includes four essential breathing techniques to:

  • Help improve lung capacity
  • Settle and clear the mind
  • Gently energize the body
  • Balance the brain and nervous system

Immediately following the practice is optional Community Time on the days that Rudy teaches. 

You are welcome to be a silent participant or actively engage in the conversation. We are currently focusing on the Yamas and Niyamas, practical guidance for living a meaningful life with compassionate awareness of how you behave outwardly in the world and inwardly toward yourself.  We spend a full month on each one (there are 10 total) to allow insights to arise over time.   We are a welcoming and heart-centered group and we start the day together in a good way. You may join anytime. We end by 9:15 am but, of course, you can sign off whenever you need to.

I have grown very attached to the breath practice, aside from the wonderful practice, it is such a welcoming safe space to be. Love seeing everyone’s open and kind faces. Joyce and Rudy create a very generous spirited space and I know I’m not alone in grateful appreciation. It has been an unexpected gift in these unusual times.

B. Powell, Westport, Connecticut

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"Our breath is continually expanding with each day of the practice. We always feel energized and calm afterwards. Thanks again for creating the opportunity for all of us to make this practice a part of our daily lives."

David Hagerty & Louise Cadigan, Great Barrington, MA

Thank you Rudy and Joyce for your persistence and consistency. It means a lot to both of us to have it in our lives and we enjoy the community time that is shared. I get so much out of it. It means much more than words can express.

D. Lynch, Saratoga, NY