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Gentle Yoga Immersion Classes

Selected Saturdays 2:00-4:30pm (ET )
Live on Zoom* with Rudy Peirce

For all levels, beginners welcome; you will be able to participate the most fully if you are able to get down on the floor and back up independently. Some portions of the class, such as the breath practice and meditation, can be done seated in a chair instead of on the floor if preferred.

woman meditating hands in prayer position over the heart anjali mudra

Savor the Subtleties with a Deep Dive into Dynamic Gentle Yoga™

These themed classes (see below) on selected Saturdays offer a spacious experience of progressive slow movements into accessible yoga postures (some standing, some floor), gentle breathing practices, an extended deep healing relaxation, and meditation. The intention of each two-and-a-half hour class is to savor the subtleties of Dynamic Gentle Yoga which is characterized by:

  • Slow, breath-initiated movement
  • Empowered exploration and innovative options
  • Expanded awareness
  • Increased energy flow
  • Stimulation of the vital life force
  • Development of a meditative focus

Learn the art of graceful, relaxed effort. Experience energized stillness. Enter a timeless zone where moments of peace arise effortlessly.

Opening the Main Channels

A Gentle Chakra Yoga Practice
Even if you’ve never heard of the chakras or don’t know much about them, you’ve probably experienced different states of the energies associated with them.  Do you feel secure or insecure? comfortable or uncomfortable? empowered or disempowered? open or closed- hearted? self-expressed or stifled? insightful or confused? connected or isolated?
We have options to influence the energy centers of the body that are associated with these experiences when we know a bit more about them.   In this immersion you will learn about the Chakra energy system and experience:
  • Gentle yoga practices that stimulate the energy flow in the area of each chakra
  • The mantra vibrations associated with each chakra
  • The qualities associated with each chakra
  • Clear connection with your experience throughout your entire being
  • A balanced flow of energy from head to toes
  • A sense of what you need and what you want

This will be a wonderful practice to create a sense of wholeness and integration.


Live Online, January 22, 2022
(Available by video after)


Sliding scale starting at $20 (or included with the All Yoga Monthly Membership)


This class will be held via Zoom and recorded for your use for 21 days following the live class; also available as rental video if you don’t take the live class.

Inside the Gentle Breath Practice Chair Yoga Phenomenon

the What, the How, and the Why

Whether you are brand new to yoga, practice yoga regularly or you are somewhere in between…join us for this special opportunity to learn how the sequence of movements and breathing techniques Rudy guides in the daily morning class can bring benefits into your life. Find out why so many people have dedicated themselves to this practice.

Observe, experience and explore each of the movements, postures and techniques in depth with Rudy as your guide and ask any questions. Hear what people who have been practicing daily have to say about the benefits they experience. Gain confidence, get re-inspired, or prepare to begin.

Rudy has been leading this practice almost daily for 21 months. Though the practice has evolved over time, the main elements remain; three key yoga postures incorporating the six movements of the spine plus four pranayama/breathing techniques form the recipe for the success of this practice.

Rudy will address topics and questions including:

  • Will this practice improve my health? What are the benefits?
  • I have _______ (insert your own body issue)…can I do this practice safely?
  • Is this practice strengthening?
  • Will this practice help me with meditation
  • What is the intention behind each of the seven elements of this sequence of breathing and movements?
  • What do you mean by six movements of the spine and why is that so important?
  • What are the unique benefits of each pranayama/breathing technique?
  • What are the important nuances of the practices?

Handout of resources for further study will be provided.


Recorded on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2022 


Video Rental $20 for 21 days (or included with the All Yoga Monthly Membership)


This class was held via Zoom and was recorded. Access now in our Video Library.

Woman and man doing nadi shodhana breathing pranayama

Vata-Soothing Dynamic Gentle Yoga

Calm and Steady

Ayurveda is the Vedic science of living a life of optimal health and healing, in tune with Mother Nature. Ayurveda ascribes three constitutional types, vata, pitta and kapha. Vata governs movement in the body, the nervous system and elimination. We all have some degree of each of the three constitutions, therefore, we all need to “mind vata.” When vata is out of balance, symptoms such as digestive distress, dry skin, achy joints, anxiety, low energy, and irregular, insufficient sleep patterns begin to set in.

Now, here we are deep into November. Winter aggravates Vata constitution. Winter is dry, cold, and windy. So now is a great time to do some extra self-care to attend to vata. When your mind is overly active with thoughts, your body fatigued from moving too quickly, or stiff from the shift to dry, colder weather, a vata soothing practice brings warmth, stability and suppleness.

A vata-soothing sequence gives our bodies and minds the opportunity to manifest the relaxation response, a key to optimal health, lowering the risk of heart disease, obesity, anxiety, depression, and other stress-related diseases.

Unique features of this yoga immersion:

  • Experience a practice that nourishes the vata aspect of your constitution
  • Learn Ayurvedic tips to boost your resilience


Recorded on Nov 20, 2021


Video rental $20 for 21 days (or included with the All Yoga Monthly Membership)


This class was held via Zoom and was recorded. Access now in our Video Library.

Holly Niiles Knee-down Twist Gentle Yoga

Yoga Nidra and Restorative Gentle Yoga

Accessible Movement, Accessible Meditation

Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra are practices to help us get back to homeostasis. Every system in the body is geared to help us maintain stability of many diverse internal variables, including temperature, acidity, and water level, amidst continual external influences. Yoga Nidra is a deeply relaxing practice of bringing attention to all areas of the body and then subtler and subtler realms of your being. The attention helps to release blocks to the flow of energy, the healing fluids and neural signals.

Where the attention goes, the energy flows. Where the energy flows, healing grows. Enjoy deliciously soothing, gentle yoga. Experience an important, rarely guided, restorative pose. Feel the release of stiffness and held energy. Enter the profound meditative journey of Yoga Nidra, a guided experience you enjoy while sinking into deep rest and doing nothing. Melt, restore and integrate with this deep relaxation and meditation.

In this Gentle Yoga Immersion: 

  • Enjoy deliciously deep, healing, gentle yoga
  • Experience an important, innovative restorative pose
  • Feel the release of stiffness and held energy
  • Stimulate the nourishing flow of circulation and energy
  • Enter into the profound meditative experience of Yoga Nidra, a guided experience you enjoy while fully resting and doing nothing
  • Restore and integrate with this deep relaxation and meditation 


Recorded on Oct 30, 2021


Video rental $20 for 21 days (or included with the All Yoga Monthly Membership)


This class was held via Zoom was recorded. Access now in our Video Library.

senior man side-lyiing on pillow looking content or happy in yoga nidra restorative yoga pose

Dynamic Gentle Chair Yoga

Receiving Support, Finding Ease

If you haven’t already discovered the joys of chair yoga, you will in this ease-fully paced, Dynamic Gentle Yoga class with Rudy –  enjoy accessible stretching and discover the added benefits of doing yoga with the support of a chair. 

In this class, you will experience new possibilities in your yoga practice, discover surprising comfort and ease offered by the chair’s elevated support and enjoy yoga that is kind to the hips and a relief to the back. In addition to sitting on the chair, we will use the chair as a prop for strengthening standing and balancing poses.

We will also explore using the chair while lying on the back. If coming down to the floor is a challenge for you we will offer seated options throughout the “supine” section of the practice.

Other special elements of this class include a nourishing experience of legs-up deep relaxation and the opportunity to drop into deeply peaceful meditation.

With Rudy’s seasoned gentle approach and expert guidance for the use of a chair, you will:

  • Explore new stretches with increased access
  • Meet the body where it is, where the stretch begins
  • Gently bend, flex, arch and rotate the spine
  • Loosen the shoulders & hips
  • Open the upper and lower back
  • Stretch quads, psoas, hamstrings and calves
  • Lubricate the joints, rehydrating tissues through movement
  • Open all the energy channels and stimulate flow

Useful props:

  1. A chair without armrests and with some cushioning on the seat which can even be an added cushion or blanket
  2. Strap, 7 feet long or thereabouts – this can be a tie, belt, scarf or soft rope
  3. Blocks, or a stack of books 9x6x4, bound together with string or ribbon
  4. Two cushions
  5. Two mats if you have two; one mat is fine
  6. Cozy blanket and eye bag or cloth to cover eyes for relaxation


Read Rudy’s blog post The Unexpected Revelation of Chair Yoga for more inspiration.


Recorded on Oct 9, 2021


Video rental for 21 days for $20 (or included with All Yoga Monthly Membership)


This class was held via Zoom and recorded. Access now in our Video Library.

Seated twist Rudy Peirce Gentle Chair Yoga Immersion yoga class

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Rudy is one of the kindest and most sensitive Yoga teachers you will ever find. His love for Yoga and the body-mind connection is so obvious. You will begin to feel some of that for yourself when you have him as a teacher and guide.

Ron Dushkin, MD Alternative & Homeopathic Physician, New York City

The guidance and practice was just what I needed...gentle, sweet and deep. It brought my scattered energies into the core of my being...into my body. I focused on Rudy’s words and instructions, and felt my body gradually replenish itself. At the start of the class I was feeling overwhelmed, depleted, nearly sick. By the end, I felt dramatically different. Thank you.

Libby Barnett, Tarrytown, NY