Live Classes

Gentle Yoga Immersion Classes

Selected Saturdays 2:00-4:30pm EST
Only on Zoom

For all levels, beginners welcome

You will be able to participate the most fully if you are able to get down on the floor and back up independently. Some portions of the class, such as the breath practice and meditation, can be done seated in a chair instead of on the floor if preferred.

Savor the Subtleties

Deep Dive into Dynamic Gentle Yoga™

These longer classes on selected Saturdays offer a spacious experience of progressive slow movements into accessible yoga postures (some standing, some floor), gentle breathing practices, deep healing relaxation, and meditation. The intention of each two-and-a-half hour class is to savor the subtleties of Dynamic Gentle Yoga which is characterized by:

  • Slow, breath-initiated movement
  • Empowered exploration and innovative options
  • Expanded awareness
  • Increased energy flow
  • Stimulation of the vital life force
  • Development of a meditative focus

Learn the art of graceful, relaxed effort. Experience energized stillness.

Dates and Themes

January 30 – On the Currents of Breath

Release tensions, stiffness and discomfort from your hips, spine and back muscles.

February 20 – Expand and Extend: Open the Chest, Open the Heart

Innovative sequence to open the chest, shoulders, neck and back, restoring well-supported posture and healthy energy flow.

March 13 – Stimulate and Integrate Energy:  Transform and Empower Your Yoga Practice

Explore the stimulation of a well-supported sustaining phase of the posture where transformation happens.

April 3 – Guided from Within:  Dynamic Gentle Meditation-in-Motion
Access freedom and empowerment through letting go into flow as you allow your embodied consciousness to source movement.
April 24 – Dynamic Gentle Alignment, Breath and Core

Experience a grounded and extended, breath-based approach to core-stabilized alignment.

May 15 – Dynamic Gentle Slow Flow

Experience the freedom and liberating energy of the Dynamic Gentle Yoga approach to moving on the currents of breath.

Community Supported Classes


Daily 8:00-8:30 am Eastern Time

Breath Practice / Chair Yoga
Change Your Life


Tuesdays 5:00-6:00pm Eastern

Chair Yoga
Get Grounded and Relaxed

Rudy is one of the kindest and most sensitive Yoga teachers you will ever find. His love for Yoga and the body-mind connection is so obvious. You will begin to feel some of that for yourself when you have him as a teacher and guide.

Ron Dushkin, MD Alternative & Homeopathic Physician, New York City

The guidance and practice was just what I needed...gentle, sweet and deep. It brought my scattered energies into the core of my being...into my body. I focused on Rudy’s words and instructions, and felt my body gradually replenish itself. At the start of the class I was feeling overwhelmed, depleted, nearly sick. By the end, I felt dramatically different. Thank you.

Libby Barnett, Tarrytown, NY