Fanning the Fire

Invigoration 1 Intermediate-Level Yoga Practice

Unique to this intermediate-level yoga practice CD is a vinyasa (continuous flow) of standing postures that Rudy named the Thunderbolt sequence originally for use in his men’s yoga programs. Women seeking to strengthen their core will also value the abdominal strengthening and cleansing practices on this CD called Uddiyana Bandha and Agni Sera Dhauti.

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  1. Greeting (1:31)
  2. Warm-ups (5:02)
  3. Thunderbolt (23:48)
  4. Ab instruction (1:37)
  5. Ab lifts/pumps (9:40)
  6. Hero/twist (13:28)
  7. Pranayama (14:24)
  8. Meditation (8:30)

Total running time: (78:00)