The Invigoration Series

This audio collection includes Expand Your Range and Fanning the Fire which are equally instructive and do not need to be used sequentially.

Intermediate-Level Yoga Practice

In Fanning the Fire, Rudy guides you into variations of some classic yoga poses to help you open the body around your heart and lungs, creating a sense of openness to life as it is. The Expand Your Range sequence also helps to soothe tension from the upper back and shoulders.

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Fanning the Fire:

  1. Greeting (1:31)
  2. Warm-ups (5:02)
  3. Thunderbolt (23:48)
  4. Ab instruction (1:37)
  5. Ab lifts/pumps (9:40)
  6. Hero/twist (13:28)
  7. Pranayama (14:24)
  8. Meditation (8:30)

Expand Your Range:

  1. Introduction (3:36)
  2. Joints, Side bends (7:09)
  3. Spinal Flex, Vinyasa (9:44)
  4. Eagle Arms (8:18)
  5. Table series (8:32)
  6. Camel, Seated Yoga Mudra, Supine twist (15:10)
  7. Relaxation (12:25)
  8. Pranayama/Meditation (12:29)


Dynamic Gentle Yoga Invigoration Series by Rudy Peirce