Community Spotlight: Ursula Myslinski

Ursula Myslinski, member of Gentle Yogis online community

This month, Tammy interviewed Ursula for the Community Spotlight.  Ursula prepared for her interview by selecting some great photos of where she is from in Switzerland! So, we get to see some wonderful images! Learn more about Ursula and her unique history and what she appreciates about Gentle Yogis. 

Join us for a class if you could use more connection in your life or you know you can benefit from yoga and group support would help you make it happen. 

Length 22 min. 16 sec.

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  1. Wow, Ursula! What a fabulous spotlight. It was definitely inspiring. I was interested to learn that you were a Navy wife. I was an Army wife and spent over 20 years stationed in Germany with my husband. I found your pictures and stories about your beautiful hometown of Eineiedeln, Switzerland fascinating. The photo of the Kloster Einsiedeln in the snow was breathtaking and the photos of the Black Marble chapel with the Madonna and Child were beautiful. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and inspiring spotlight. How about a Gentle Yogis retreat in Einsiedeln?

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