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Community-Supported Gentle Yoga Classes – Live Online

The Power of Regular Yoga Practice

Enjoy increased resilience, calm, flexibility and strength.
Open to All. Beginners always welcome.

Daily 8:00-8:30am EST

Breath Practice / Chair Yoga
Change Your Life


Tuesdays 5:00-6:00pm EST

Chair Yoga
Get Grounded and Relaxed


Thursdays 4:30-6:00pm EST

Mat Yoga
Soothe Your Soul

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Set of 12 frame-able 5″ x 7″ art prints featuring excerpts from the daily Breath Practice / Chair Yoga class taught by Rudy Peirce and the Daily pOeMs of community member, artist & certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Emily Eisen

Next class April 24

These longer classes on selected Saturdays offer a spacious experience of progressive slow movements into accessible yoga postures, gentle breathing practices, an extended time for relaxation, and meditation. The intention of each two-and-a-half hour class is to savor the subtleties of Dynamic Gentle Yoga.

Next program begins September 2021 

4 Online Weekend Modules over Three Months

Learn to lead an accessible, inclusive and empowering gentle yoga practice.

Yay! the Blog

A Student Asked…

This week a student in the Gentle Breath Practice / Chair Yoga class asked, “Why is Nadi Shodhana considered the most powerful yoga practice?” (Nadi Shodhana is a slow-paced breath practice where you alternate which nostril you are breathing through.)

Self-Compassion is Required

Swami Kripalu liked to say that the most important part of a spiritual practice is self-compassion – that is, the discipline of self-observation without self-judgment. What is stunning about this teaching is that this yoga master’s observable practices were prodigious,

Gentle Yogis Sangha Quilt by Emily Eisen

Voices of Gratitude

On Saturday evening, March 20, 2021, more than 90 Gentle Yogis gathered on Zoom to celebrate, having survived a very hard year…apart…together…and being better for it.  We enjoyed an hour of amazing and varied talent, presented rather professionally on Zoom,


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“It has been incredibly grounding for me to do the [breath] practice with you. It’s like being with a friend and feeling connected to myself at the same time. In a time when things feel uncertain, practices through the lens of Kripalu are deeply meaningful… I’m very grateful for the steadiness of the everyday practice.”

Holly J. Niles, Clinical Nutritionist, Jupiter, Florida

Thank you so much for giving so generously of your time and expertise during this most difficult and stressful time in all our lives. I have taken several of Rudy's classes during numerous visits to Kripalu. What a blessing you have been to my life and well being. I so enjoy your zoom practices. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. What a blessing you are to our entire online community.

Patricia O’Connor, Ocean City, New Jersey