Connect to Peace

Join Rudy Peirce and other Gentle Yoga Teachers for breath-focused compassionate yoga – explore gentle practices that calm the nervous system and restore serenity

Live Online Gentle Yoga Classes*

The Power of Regular Yoga Practice

Enjoy increased resilience, calm, flexibility and strength.
Open to All.  Beginners always welcome.

*Recordings available after
seniors happy to be doing movment for health

Tues and Thurs
7:15-7:45am ET

Gentle Strength
Improve Muscles, Bones & Balance


8:00-8:40am ET

Breath Practice Chair Yoga
Change Your Life


5:00-6:00pm ET

Chair Yoga
Get Grounded and Relaxed


5:00-6:00pm ET

Mat Yoga
Soothe Your Soul

More Options

For All – Beginners Welcome

Oct 21 Nov 25  Dec 30

These longer themed classes on selected Saturdays are typically taught by Rudy. He offers a spacious experience of progressive slow movements into accessible yoga postures, gentle breathing practices, an extended time for relaxation, and meditation. The intention of each two-and-a-half hour class is to savor the subtleties of Dynamic Gentle Yoga.

Sometimes Rudy invites other teachers to offer an experience on a related themes, always in the gentle tradition.

Dates for 2025 TBA* 

4 Online Weekend Modules over Three Months

Learn to lead an accessible, inclusive and empowering gentle yoga practice and connect to a group of yoga teachers dedicated to the power of gentle practice.

*no DGYTT training in 2024; Rudy will be training new yoga teachers at the Kripalu Center

Video Course with Bhavani Lorraine Nelson

Sign up for the full video series or rent single session videos 

There are many kinds of meditation, but most begin with concentration practices that can still the mind so that its patterns are exposed. In turn, there are many concentration practices. Each leads to the same end, but some work better than others for different individuals. On six consecutive Thursday evenings, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and practice major concentration practices to see which one (or ones) resonate with your personality.

Yay! the Blog

Sallie Jones

Community Spotlight: Sallie Jones

Sallie has been practicing with Gentle Yogis from the start of the daily Breath Practice in March 2020. She is is a bright light in our sangha and also joins in the Gentle Strength classes consistently. Listen in to this interview that Tammy did with Sallie to learn more about her background and why she practices daily.

Emily Eisen

Community Spotlight: Emily Eisen

Emily has been practicing with Gentle Yogis from the start of the daily Breath Practice in March 2020. She is known in the community for sharing her insights as well as the pOeMs she posted daily during the pandemic plus, the artwork and music she has shared over time. Listen in to this interview that Tammy did with Emily to learn more about

Eleni Litt and two puppets

Community Spotlight: Eleni Litt

Eleni is a daily participant in the Breath Practice and a familiar face in Community Time. Listen in to this interview that Tammy did with Eleni to hear why she is still practicing with the Gentle Yogis community.  You might also learn something fun about the relationship between a particular art form and the breath (there is a hint in the photo!)  If

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“I am so grateful to be a part of the community that you have created! Each and everyone of your instructors have a gift they share with us.”

“It has been incredibly grounding for me to do the [breath] practice with you. It’s like being with a friend and feeling connected to myself at the same time. In a time when things feel uncertain, practices through the lens of Kripalu are deeply meaningful… I’m very grateful for the steadiness of the everyday practice.”

Thank you so much for giving so generously of your time and expertise during this most difficult and stressful time in all our lives. I have taken several of Rudy's classes during numerous visits to Kripalu. What a blessing you have been to my life and well being. I so enjoy your zoom practices. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. What a blessing you are to our entire online community.