Community Spotlight: Ben Kellman

Meet Ben Kellman, a regular participant of the Breath Practice.  Learn how he has benefitted from participating regularly and something that might surprise you to know about him.

He didn’t mention this, but he has been cycling in the Pan Mass Challenge for 15 years to raise money for cancer research.  He has raised over $114,000 since he began participating in 2008. Read about his PMC journey

Video length 9 min 12 sec

Until we get the commenting feature reinstated, if you want to communicate with Ben, send an email to Joyce and she will forward it. 

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One Response

  1. I love the monthly spotlights. It’s is so very special to get to know our community family on a personal level.
    I found myself smiling all the time I was watching the video….great job Ben and Tammy
    I do look forward each day that I can join in to see everyone’s tile fill up with their faces
    Thank you for all your time and effort everyone it is very appreciated…namaste Jeanette

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