Community Spotlight: Jim and Marcia Kelly

Jim and Marcia Kelly

Join our host, Tammy Kaleel and meet Jim and Marcia Kelly in Parts 1 and 2 of our Community Spotlight feature. Learn how they got into the Gentle Yogis community and why they are inspired to continue to join in regularly, how they benefit from the practice and something fun to know about them. Don’t miss the interesting addendum below from Jim.

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An addendum from Jim– In this second part of our interview, I developed a case of monkey mind combined with lack of preparation on the question of “something about me that people might be surprised to learn.” My mind blanked and so I answered with the most recent activity I’d been involved in, which was repairing a mailbox that had been flattened by a delivery van. In hindsight, it felt silly. While I’m amused by this, had I reflected more I might have mentioned my love of writing and of history.

Twenty years ago I (Jim) published a book of my parents’ WWII letters and it was the most satisfying project I ever worked on. My dad was an infantry captain (North Africa, Sicily, Normandy) and my mom was a British WAF radar operator and they met in the winter of 1943-44. More currently I’ve been writing a memoir. It has been a fascinating process. In part it has involved clarifying my view of my own past experiences and recalling pieces of my inner life such as dreams and inner voices. The process of objectifying and pinning this material down on paper has been quite satisfying and settling.

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