The disconnectedness astronauts can feel from loved ones, from regular life . . . from the Earth itself, is not so dissimilar to the disconnectedness so many have felt over this last year. 

Here’s a fascinating take on re-entry into life, whether from space capsule . . . or pandemic:

“The planet,” says decorated NASA astronaut Douglas Wheelock, “is this beautiful explosion of life and color during the day, and just raging with light and motion at night. It’s this oasis of life in this vast, empty, dark sea of just blackness.” 

Those were his impressions of the earth as viewed from the International Space Station, where he spent five months in 2010. 

“I’m kind of ashamed that I lived so many years without realizing how special our existence is in this universe.”

To read the whole article: A NASA astronaut’s tips on how to emerge from the pandemic

In honor of Earth Day this year . . . Gentle Yogis invites you to ground yourself – in whatever your space, you can begin each day anew with grounded awareness via Gentle Breath Practice

As Rudy says at the close of each class: “in gratitude for this practice, this day, this life, this beautiful planet…let’s share 3 oms…”

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