Let Yoga Be an Experiment: The Awareness Foundation


In yoga, an approach of experimentation is highly valued. To experiment, one must bring a sense of curiosity and leave expectations at the door. This is helpful because the body changes all the time; it is in a constant process of degeneration and regeneration, a constant process of digestion, including experience, emotions, activity. These will all show up in the body when you practice. 
When approached with a sense of openness, practice can provide revelatory bio-feedback and lead us to inquire: What has been digested and assimilated as useful nutrients? What has been ingested that the body needs to release, eliminate, let go of? Is there resilience in the tissues and muscles? Can they flex and release? Or are they stuck in chronic contraction? With further breathing and movement, what changes?
In this way, awareness develops. Through practice, the mind’s ability to discern subtle aspects of inner experience will strengthen. Awareness then becomes an important foundation of practice. The inquiry, “What am I aware of now?” becomes a fruitful center-point from which to make choices in practice and in life as well.

We invite you to develop an awareness foundation in the practice of Gentle Yoga with Rudy.

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