Why do the same practice every day?

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The Gentle Yogis Breath Practice has been happening at 8:00am Eastern Time every day since March 19, 2020 (a year and a quarter as of this writing!)

Joyce and I have suited up for nearly every one of these mornings. Many in the community have done this practice with us nearly every day. Lots of others have been as regular as their schedule has allowed. 

And we continue.

The intention is for it to be a daily thing. The practice is the same:  Five breathing “techniques”. Three sets of yoga movement/poses. Three OMs. 30-35 minutes in total.

Doesn’t it get boring, you might ask?

In truth, every day is a new experience. It’s fascinating. The focused breathing makes the moment come alive. The practice makes sensations stand up and dance. The breath practice makes sensations pop and sparkle. The stretches feel different every day. “Where is the beginning of the stretch today?”

Some days my mind is as steady as a laser. Some days thoughts pull me away and I stumble over cues I’ve called out hundreds of times. 

Why do I do the same practice every day?

To explore the subtleties. The subtleties of the breath. The subtleties of sensation of stretch. The subtleties of mind activity. 

The effect of emotion. The persistence of emotion. The changeability of emotion. The presence of illusion. The presence of fear. The presence of self-judgment.

The effects of diet, over-eating, too much sugar, too much dairy, too much of something.

The effect of sorrow. The effect of painful loss. The effect of regret. The effect of shame. The effect of awareness. The effect of prana (life energy) coursing through my body.

The effect of witnessing. The effect of arriving at my center-point. The healing of simply being, absorbed in the field of sensation, merged with the atmosphere of awareness. 

Why do the same practice everyday?

To learn about myself. To feel my subtelty. To feel that I am connected. That I belong. I’m not just passing through. 

I’m part of this. Part of this moment. Part of this energy field. 

I’m not alone.  I can ask for help.  I belong here.

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