10 Minutes of Daily Yoga Can Make a Difference


You will likely feel better at the end of any well-guided gentle yoga class that takes individual differences and needs into account.  However, you will get the most out of yoga if you practice regularly. You might wonder, “How can I find enough time?”

The best type of yoga practice is the one that you can integrate into your life.

Improve Your Health & Well-being with Daily Gentle Yoga Practice

I encourage you to practice daily, as best as you can manage (even if for only 10 or 15 minutes). When you practice yoga regularly you will increase your body awareness and improve your overall health and well-being. 

Your Whole Body Benefits from Regular Gentle Yoga 

Yoga practice is beneficial to every system of the body. 

  • It will stimulate circulation and cellular respiration.
  • Yoga may lower blood pressure and your resting heart rate, strengthen digestion, enhance absorption of nutrients, and support regular elimination.
  • Yoga can strengthen your lungs and increase lung capacity and also increases resilience in the muscles as well as flexibility in joints. 
  • Yoga supports lymph flow which supports immunity.
  • Yoga may strengthen neural pathways, improve whole brain function, coordination, balance, memory, increase  concentration and focus.

Regular Gentle Yoga = Greater Energy, Well-being + Positive Outlook

With regular practice all these benefits build on each other and begin to have a greater effect on your overall energy level, sense of well-being and positive outlook.  If the idea of regular practice and relying on your own initiative to get started sounds daunting, you don’t have to begin this journey alone.

To learn more about Gentle Yoga and try it for yourself in a warm and welcoming online practice community, I invite you to experience one of our daily or weekly Community-Supported Classes.

And for those ready to go deeper, please join us on select Saturdays for our Gentle Yoga Immersion Program. On Feb 20, our focus will be on Expanding and Extending: Opening the Chest, Opening the Heart.

If you are a yoga teacher, I invite you to consider the Dynamic Gentle Yoga Teacher Training. To learn more, visit the certification page. The Winter/Spring 2021 training launched on Feb 11, 2021, and this unique training will be offered again in the Fall of 2021.

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