Banish Winter Blues with Community & Movement

A message from Gentle Strength creator and instructor, Terry Tresco

December is a month when so much around us is saying to be merry and bright. Often times, however, we or someone we know is anything but that. While the cold wakes some of us up, it causes others to seek their caves and hibernate for the winter. Seasonal changes for many of us in the northeast can cause seasonal depression.  Studies have shown that exercise of all types helps us combat depression, but it goes beyond that; connection with community is an unexpected bonus that comes with many forms of exercise.

In the Gentle Yogis Community, we aren’t in a room together, but we do connect and find great support in each others’ company. This month, a calendar has been created to give you a quick visual reference for what is available to you each day with added bonus movement options. For the month of December you’ll see that, in addition to the Wednesday and Friday Gentle Strength morning classes, we’ve added Mondays. Included is suggested homework (or homeplay) for your strength practice on days we don’t offer a class. I will show you what to do and then you have the opportunity to practice the same exercise each week to see how you progress over the month. 

Sunday is a day we recommend that you connect with nature. Of course, we would love to have you in the Breath Practice, but also encourage you to be sure to get outside and maybe talk to a friend. We hope you will make use of the recordings and invite someone who’s not already a Gentle Yogis member to practice with you. You get to be your own personal trainer for the month, but with support from the Gentle Strength instructors, myself, Terry Tresco and Tammy Kaleel and the other participants. For even more fun, use our Facebook group Gentle Yogis Community and share pictures of what you see on your walks or selfies of your practice, especially when you’re being helped by pets. Share your experience, tell us what’s easy, what’s a challenge, what you want more of, tell us what you’ve learned. 

So, download the calendar, get a bright colored pen or some fun stickers and begin to check off your practices as you complete them. If you miss a day, no big deal; the next day is a fresh start and you can always catch up if you missed something you love. 

Be well and let’s stay strong together through the end of the year!

Click the image above to download or contact us to request the calendar as an email attachment.

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